8 DAYS TWO CULTURE Horse Treks Details 2023

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Poland – Czech Republic Six Days Riding Horse Trek 2023


You are landing at the airport in Wroclaw (it is the nearest – about 100 km). You can reach us yourself, or for an additional fee (50 EUR) we can come for you.

Accommodation before:

The day before the rally, when you land in Poland and reach Nowa Ruda, a wooden guest house or hotel with dinner awaits you. If you relax we can sit by the fire as long you want. We will tell you some interesting stories 🙂

The first day of a horse trek:

Immediately after breakfast and familiarizing ourselves with the rules, we assign horses and equipment. The first day is easier and a bit shorter – so that you can gain strength and that the horses get fit. We are going towards the Czech border and just behind it we have a first stop around the hour for a snack, cold drinks 🙂 etc. Then we head towards the Table Mountains, where we pass the borders again and come back to Poland. Huge blocks of rock will surely delight not one. In the picturesquely located Midnight Mass, we have accommodation with dinner, breakfast and optional with a campfire.

Wigwam - Overo 2020

The second day of a horse trek:

We check and feed the horses before breakfast. Moments after breakfast and morning coffee we set out on our way. We are leaving slowly Stołowe Mountains passing the border along the way and we are again in the Czech Republic.We are going in the direction of our next base – a beautiful western ranch. After the trip, we stop at a local Czech restaurant where horses can rest in the shade and we can eat and drink.Move along the beautiful Czech meadows, pass the rivers and forests. We finally arrive at Ranch Gallop, where in addition to Bison we can see Indian costumes, hand-made saddles, white weapons and stay in the original Indian wigwam – so-called. Mandan. Dinner from the bonfire will definitely taste great. Here, we can also try local products, including Czech beer. The owner (a western enthusiast) will definitely tell us many interesting legends about this subject. 

Stolowe Mountains

The third day of a horse trek:

We leave Ranch Gallop with the hope that we will come back here and we will go on another beautiful route. We pass beautiful Czech grounds and we are slowly returning to Poland. Of course, the break on the route is mandatory. The last time you can eat baked Czech cheese and try the local beer. We are slowly entering the Polish-Czech Dry Mountains. On the other side of the mountains we have a base in a friendly hunting lodge. Here we are going to a local fishing ground to have a delicious dinner – pstara.After dinner, traditionally bonfire and singing till the morning 🙂

Ranch Gallop

The fourth day of a horse trek:

After breakfast served by the owners, we drink coffee and prepare for the last day of the rally. We leave slowly from Suche mountains, heading towards the Owl Mountains where our next base is – Harenda. On the way, however, a piece of history awaits us. We visit the underground city of Osówka from the time of World War II. Then through the picturesque areas of the owl mountains we give ourselves to our base. This is a place you will definitely remember. You can not only eat well here but also use the sauna or make a fire.

The fifth day of a horse trek:

This part of the route is typically mountainous. We ride the ridge of the Owl Mountains – the oldest mountains in the world. We reach the highest peak where the observation tower stands – 1015 m. Then we reach the mountain shelter where we can buy something to drink and take a break. We continue our trek along the mountain trails. We reach the second metal observation tower from where a beautiful view also extends. After a whole day of riding we reach our base – an Old Mill in Przygórze where, in addition to a delicious dinner, we can admire the beauty of this place.

The sixth day of a horse trek:

After breakfast, served by the owners, we leave Przygórze and start the last day of the horse trek. On the way, however, apart from the picturesque route, there is an old Sowiogóra railway a place where we reach after two hours. It is the highest mountain fortress in Poland – Srebna Góra. It was here that Napoleon Bonaparte in 1807 tried to conquer the fortress but to no avail. After sightseeing and a break at the local hostel we return to Ranch Overo

Of course, an evening bonfire is obligatory 🙂 Accomodation is usually the same place like 1’st day. The next day after breakfast, each participant returns home.

Twierdza Srebna Góra

Payment: The whole trek costs 1350 Euro/per (horse riding, accomodation, food)

Transport to the airport: 50 EUR – one way

If you have additional questions, write or a call – speak English.